Hello everybody

The Thursday of the last week is the year 7s graduation. Everyone is preparing their speeches and slideshows for the night. I was lucky enough to be MC for last years graduation and I hope this years will be even better.

Bye! 🙂


Term 4

Hi everyone

It is now term 4, the last term of primary school for the year 7s. The personal projects have just been presented. Everyone did a great job. Some things coming up are camp, NZ choir going away, graduation and the end of year concert. It is definitely going to be a busy term but also heaps of fun.


ELenaBee 🙂

Personal Project

Hello everyone,

This term we are doing a personal project like last year. This year I am doing an imforming video on different peoples pets. I’m hoping it turns out well and that it will be fun. My mentor will be my dad becuase he works as a Journalist so he is good at collecting information and presenting it. He is also good at working a camera so he will teach me.

I would love it if you could comment telling me what you are doing.

Later Gators

ElenaBee 🙂

Oceans and Seas

Hello everyone in Aus and accross the globe.

For the past four weeks, we have had a student teacher in our class from Flinders University. Her name is Miss Irvine. We have been doing a project with her on Oceans and Seas. We had to write an ABC story and a essay. We also had to do a title page. I have really enjoyed learning about the Oceans and Seas.

Today is Miss Irvine’s last day. Farewell and good luck for the future.

ElenaBee 🙂


Cluster Disco 2012

Hello everyone

This Term in week 9, all the year 6s and 7s will be attending the Cluster Disco at Corromandel P.S. Last year was so much fun and I am really excited about this year’s.

The theme this year is “Black and White,” has anyone already got an outfit or knows what they’re going to wear? If so please leave me a comment.

Bye for now,


6/7 Plays

Howdy Everyone!

As you probably already know, the 6/7 plays are coming up in week 9. Mr Macs play is called “Snow White and the other 7 dwarves.” I play the part of the floor manager. I have a large part in the first scene, then I don’t come on at all after that. It is quite a short play, but it is still a good one.

I would love to hear what plays other classes are doing and what parts you are playing.



New Year 2012

Hi Everyone

Sorry I haven’t said anything on my blog for a while but it was a pretty busy end of year last year, yes last year. It is now 2012 and I am in year 7 this year. Still with MM. It hs been a great start to the year, nice to have new year sixes and a few new year sevens.

Already getting ready for Aquatics this term in week five. Really exciting, last year was a blast at Aquatics and hopefully it will be even better this year, especially with the new change rooms.


What activities are you doing this year? Please leave a comment.


Bye for now,


End of Term 3

Hi everyone,

Well school is over and the holidays have begun. It’s great to have a long break from school and just chill. Has anyone had any really cool things happen in the holidays? I had my best friend from Melbourne come to stay with me for the first week. It was really fun but I was really tired by the time she left.

Bye for now,


Term 3

Hey Everyone!

The holidays have just finished and Term 3 has begun. The one main thing that is happening this term is the I.B Project.

I did some really fun things in the holidays including seeing Harry Potter and the Deathly Hallows part 2 in cinemas. Have any of you seen H.P.A.T.D.H.P.2? What else did u do in the holidays? Please leave me a comment.


Year 6/7 Plays 2011

Hello everyone!

As you probably know we have our big 6/7 play coming up on June 30th. There are three plays that will be performed on the night, “A Right Royal Mess” will be performed by Mr Berry’s year 6s, “Cinders” will be performed by Pam’s year 6/7s and “St Georgia and the Dragon” will be performed by Mr Mac’s year 6/7s.

Everyone seems very excited and very nervous. I can’t wait to see all the plays on stage. You can have a look at some photos Mr Mac took at the assembly of the students from his class on his blog at or find it on the blogroll. 

How are all the others plays going?


P.S If you would like to see the plays, you can buy a ticket from the front office but you’d better be quick or they’ll all be sold out!